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Staff Development

No two people are the same nor do they have the same “gaps” to overcome to become more successful in business and life. Injured athletes would not allow a surgeon to perform an operation without an x-ray or MRI or both. Why do professionals and companies allow “business coaches or training companies” to conduct training without a similar MRI? This does not make sense to us!


Professional Development Plan

Sandler Training Louisiana has learned that proven success in business or sales requires an individually developed and tailored Professional Development Plan. Just as professional athletes work with sports doctors, coaches and physiotherapists to create a unique plan to allow them to become the worlds best, Sandler Training’s clients look to us to create their Professional Development Plans to provide the framework and guidance to achieve success.


Professional Development Plans

Statistically tested and proven behavioral assessment tools are used to create the Professional Development Plans. The assessments used are The Devine Inventory and Extended DISC. These independent behavioral assessment tools assist companies and businesses with:

- Hiring better quality candidates through the Pre-Hire Reports

- Grow and Develop your current staff through the Core Develop Reports

- Manage and Lead your staff more effectively when utilizing the Core Coach Reports

Sandler Training Louisiana is committed to professionally utilizing these tools and providing effective guidance to people and companies.