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Herrick Consulting Group, Inc. | Baton Rouge, LA

Quick Tips from Sandler Training Louisiana

Carl Herrick

Word of the Week


This week's word is "Professional". Salespeople are professionals in the highly competitive and essential parts of every industry, but what does it really mean to be a professional?

Word of the Week


This week Carl explains how curiosity could be the missing link to closing more sales and growing your business.

Word of the Week


This week's word is "System". When you don't have a system, any meeting defaults to the client's system which will always favor them. If you want to be able to build a relationship and guide your prospects so both parties win, get yourself a good system.

Word of the Week


This week's word is "Timid." Is timid terrible? In this week's video Carl explains what happens when you're timid in both sales and on the basketball court.

Quick Tips

Are You Networking or Notworking?

Networking events can be intimidating, and translating an opportunity to dollars takes expertise. Angie has 5 tips to help you navigate the waters and land the next big meeting.

Quick Tips

Natural Disasters & Your Business

This year has been a tough one for Louisiana, the weather has brought us everything from historic floods to tornados. After such a life altering event the natural response is to try to return to normal as soon as possible. In this video Carl and Angie are here to provide suggestions and advice on how to react in a changed market, and relief to those businesses who need it.