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Herrick Consulting Group, Inc. | Baton Rouge, LA

Extended DISC

Employee & Team Assessments

What is DISC?

DISC is a tool that measures your most comfortable behaviors or how you naturally prefer to do things. The online DISC assessment is brief and easy to use. DISC can support and improve your ability to interact with others and your overall workplace efficacy.

DISC & Sandler Training

Using the DISC assessment, we benchmark your team to identify individual sales or management habits and communication styles. This information provides the vital “roadmap” to construct a training program that is truly focused on the participant’s needs.

Standard DISC Assessment

Who can take it?

  • You and/or anyone on your team, from individual employees to upper-level management


  • $75 per assessment
  • You may register for more than 1 assessment at a time (ex. assessments for all team members)


How to register:

  • Click button below
  • Fill-out your information & payment information
  • Select quantity of assessments
  • Click submit
  • After submitted, you will receive an email with a link to the Extended DISC Assessment